Japan - Order of the Sacred Treasure, 6th Class.

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Japan - Order of the Sacred Treasure, 6th Class. Condition: Good Very Fine. Gilt-edged white enamel cross of four sets of five rays, the outer rays longest, the inner ray shortest, on laterally-pierced ball suspension; the face with a circular central medallion of blue enamel within a gilt circle bearing a stylised hexadecagonal (16-sided) mirror surrounded by a superimposed geometric red paste necklace of sixteen jewels linked by a red line; the reverse with four character inscription ‘kun-ko ki-sho’ (Ribboned Medal for Meritorious Deeds); on original ribbon with hook and eye fittings. The Order was founded by Imperial edict on 4 January 1888 in eight classes to be awarded for distinguished service.  The insignia incorporates representations of the sacred Yata Mirror and the Yasakani Jewels and the sword of the Emperor.