A Malay Peninsula 1964-66 and Long Service pair to Chief Petty Officer (Electrical Branch) R.F.F. Walters, Royal Navy.

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A Malay Peninsula and Long Service pair to Chief Petty Officer (Electrical Branch)  R.F.F. Walters, Royal Navy.

Pair: Campaign Service Medal 1962, 1 Clasp: Malay Peninsula; (M.957137 R.F.F. WALTERS. P.O.EL. R.N.); Royal Navy Long Service & Good Conduct Medal, EIIR Dei Grat. bust; (M957137R R.F.F. WALTERS COEL HMS COLLINGWOOD).

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Chief Petty Officer - Electrical Branch (No.M.957137) R.F.F. Walters, Royal Navy, received his Long Service & Good Conduct Medal whilst serving aboard the shore based training establishment, H.M.S. Collingwood. The Clasp Malay Peninsula was awarded for service during the period 17th August 1964 to 11th August 1966. The Campaign in the Malay Peninsula was an extenuation of the campaign in Borneo where British and Malaysian troops were operating against Indonesians. In 1964 President Sukarno of Indonesia decided to take the war to the Malayan mainland. Parachute landings were made near Labis in Johore whilst other groups managed to slip undetected across the Malacca Straits from Indonesian Sumatra and land on the west coast of the Malayan Peninsula. It was for operations in the jungles of Malayan mainland against Indonesian infiltrators, as opposed to the concurrent operations in Borneo that the 'Malay Peninsula' clasp was awarded. Members of the Royal Navy gained the medal for both service ashore and afloat.